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"Whether you are a carpenter by trade or a DIYer and crown molding is in your future, this is a must have for your tool box."

Reprinted with permission to use from woodworking-news.com.
Cut Crown Molding like a Pro!

Every so often a new tool comes along that you look at and say to yourself, “Hmmm-could it really be that easy?” Well, the EasyCoper Tool Company in Greensboro, North Carolina introduced a nice little “jig” that does just that.

Coping has always been a pain, because that thin coping blade never seems to make the turn when you want it to or you get less than a perfect angle of attack. Even "old school" finish carpenters will admit they have had to re-cut material or scrap-back molding because they couldn’t fix a bad back cut with a rasp, knife or putty.

The EasyCoper consists of two light-weight, plastic jigs (one left, the other right hand cuts). The really simple aid allows you to cut molding with a power jig saw instead of a coping saw. That means less wrist, hand and arm stress.

The concept is amazingly simple and executing a coping cut is very easy. The only real mental gymnastics required are to prepare the molding to be coped. You still do that the old fashioned way – the same as if you were using a hand saw. The degree of difficulty for that task based on your skill level and availability of tools (miter box, chop saw or compound miter saw).

EasyCoper is pre-drilled so it can be fastened to the end of a work bench. Once the molding is mitered, it is placed in the jig (face up). To cope the molding, all that is required is that you follow the profile of the stock with the saw just like you would within a hand saw, but here, the jig forces you to cut at the correct angle every time and provides good visibility of the piece while working it. It can’t get much easier than that.

Any jig saw will work, but a thin blade is a must. The manufacturer recommends Bosch T119BO as the blade of choice.

EasyCoper can handle crown molding up to 5 ˝”. We see EasyCoper as a time and materials saver and that equals money. Whether you are a carpenter by trade or a DIYer and crown molding is in your future, this is a must have for your tool box.

Here is what our customers have to say:

Hi, Facing the daunting task of copping 4-1/4" crown for a 22 section Coffered ceiling, I searched the internet for something that might help speed the process. After a few searches, I came across your product. Well, the job finally arrived and the EasyCoper perform flawlessly. It without a doubt cut my time in half to complete this ceiling, and I in turn passed the savings on to the customer. This by far is a must tool for any and all finish carpenters in the trade, it's an easy tool to use and the result speaks for itself. Check out the results here: http://www.crossworksme.com/Segerstrom.htm thanks!!

I ordered your tool in 2006 and finally got to use it a month ago, I'm in love. I have arthritis and didn't think I could do coping, but your tool made it so simple that I did it. The job was and is beautiful. My children are so impressed, they may want me to help with their moldings.
Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Ok I gotta say, this thing works great you probably hear this all the time. I unfortunately left it behind at my house on Saturday when I went out to a job 50 miles away- well we (son and I) struggled with miters the whole day (I hate miters!) I can do them, but it’s a lot of extra work. Saturday night I drove back home, got my EasyCoper jigs, then drove back out. Sunday? Wow, we just zoomed along, and the corners look great. One thing I’ve learned though, is not to nail the crown completely to the end, as I sometimes have to twist it up and down a little bit to get a perfect fit. I leave about six feet un-nailed, until I fit the coped piece into it, then nail them home. I guess its all about averages, as ceilings and corners are up/down, in/out etc.
I am not nearly as fast as the guy in your video, but no matter- the results are terrific.

Best tool I’ve bought in a long time.


I bought a set a The Woodworking Show earlier this year and used them for the first time today.
Wow...I love it.
No more hand coping for me.

Got it. Love it. Will definitely be in the book, actually in a couple of places. This is either a Fall 07 or Spring 08 book, that's up to the publisher (they print overseas). Will put your name on the comp list and you'll get a copy as soon as it prints.
You can find Rick Peters book in Lowe’s or you favorite book store.

"I recently was doing a crown molding job just after buying the EasyCoper. I had not tested it yet so I was using my coping saw and some muscle power. I was tired and had had enough so I grabbed the EasyCoper. Perfect copes, quick and easy. I love it."
  Ed, from Taylorsville, UT on 10/22/2006

"The EasyCoper is the best thing since sliced bread! I made a perfect cope the first time I used this great invention. I have other coping aids and tools, but this is the best by far. I only wish I had it fifteen years ago."
  B, from Raleigh, NC on 7/12/2006

"I used your product for the first time today. It’s great and fast."
  Tim from Tracy, CA on 12-2-2006

"Thanks, you have made me a better carpenter. The clean cuts and ease of operation make for a more consistent product."
  Barry, from Biloxi, MS on 8-22-2006

"I received the EasyCoper and used it this weekend. It is a wonderful jig. I’m a weekend carpenter and your jig made all the difference. I practiced on a few pieces of scrap and then finished a project I was having a b**** of a time with before."
  Thanks, George

"I bought your product in December and love it. I am a homebuilder in NJ and have done about 1000 feet of molding with your tool in the last 2 months."
  Thanks, Rob

"About two months ago, I ordered an EasyCoper for our classes here at the college and it has been a hit with the students."

"Yes, we used it in our class. What a difference! We did it the hard way and all  the folks butchered their pieces. Then to the EasyCoper and Wow. Next time I'll
use a fine tooth blade. Much better cuts."
  Eric in CA

"I find that coping corners gives the best result on most crown jobs. After setting up my saw for inside corners I don't change it. I always start from the left and work around the room. I put up a scrap piece in the corner I start from and cope the adjacent piece and extend to the other end of the wall adding 1/16 for snap. When I get back to my starting point I remove my scrap piece and fit my square end under my coped piece. By doing this I only have to cope one side of the crow on each piece.
There are a few new tools or should I say aids that make coping much easier. There is even a power coper available if you want to spend the money. Many of the new aids are inexpensive and believe me make your job much easier. One is a guide system called EasyCoper. You can master this set up in about 5 minutes."
  Thanks, R

"Yes, I've have it for about a year now and done several jobs with them. It's called EasyCoper and they are well worth the money. They're not good I suppose as the more expensive devices, but once you get the hang of it, it does very accurate work. It sure beats the heck out of coping large maple, poplar or oak by hand all day long. They don't take up much room in the truck, so they're there when I need 'em."

"Just got my EasyCoper and used it. What a difference! This is so much easier than trying to miter the joints and I would have never been able to cope without this tool! Thanks a lot!"


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